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Default Re: Randy Castillo

An underrated drummer.

I met Randy when I was 18, and he did a drum clinic at the store I was working at after school.

He was really nice guy. He may not have had the chops of more well known drummers, but he did a great job with Ozzy. I love his playing on the "No Rest for the Wicked" album. I saw him numerous times with Ozzy, and he always was very solid, tasteful fills, he could play for the song, and yet still throw in some chops when appropriate.

I did see a video of him with Motely Crue, and even though it was well before he was diagnosed with cancer, you could tell something wasn't right about him, His playing was off, and it wasn't the same great groove he had with Ozzy. I'd have to think the cancer was affecting him long before he knew it was there.

So sad when he died.

I was able to go to the memorial concert for him they had in Hollywood. It was pretty cool how many drummers and musicians came out to pay tribute to him.
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