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Default Re: Really, REALLY random, but...

Originally Posted by Guz2 View Post
Wow, that's cool! Better made than mine :P
Yeah, well I used photoshop and you used MS paint. That's what you get ;)

Originally Posted by SharkyBait911 View Post
Wow i wish i had the skills to do that lol
Me too actually... I only cut and pasted the image of the speaker over the background image and applied a few effects to make the edges nice & tidy. Quite straightforward if you know how to do it. The background image is a LOT of work, I might be able to pull it off but it could take days.

Edit: the printing is done. The edges don't fit together perfectly but that's ok since it's quite a grungy image anyway. I'll post a pic as soon as the batteries of my camera are charged.

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