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Default Re: Really, REALLY random, but...

I'll show you my new idea for an album cover/band logo when i've finished drawing it ;) Btw i was making an advert for a ptake of guitar hero too. Called "the guitar" it features real wood, real strings, real pickups, real EVERYTHING, you'd think you were playing the real thing!" olny $899.95

Originally Posted by Big_Philly View Post
I decided to make something for the wall above my drum kit. I didn't make the images but photoshopped them together, did the colour matching and magnified to a humungous size. The final product will be about 160x120cm, the size of two A0 sheets. I hope the normal magnification will do the trick, but I also have a "rasterbated" version. The problem with the last version is that it's 493MB in size. The regular version is 8,7MB.

This is it:

Also very random. but your post reminded me of it.
I remember once in primary school some chav didn't believe that there actually was such a thing as A0 paper. Clearly mistaken.
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