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Originally Posted by LiquidSoul546
Alright, this is a drummers thread, and i don't want to argue but discuss this guys talent factor. I mean, how is he such a great drummer? I am wondering this because i can see what he plays is all so simple, and if he is sponsered why not you, or any other drummer that can belt out 1 and 3 on bass drum, 2 and 4 snare, with eighth note highats. He's sponsered cause he is in a popular band. And he's a "great" because he's in a popular band. if someone could prove me wrong i'd like to hear.
P.S, don't get mad at me if you like him, i totaly respect if you like the band, and love what he does.

Tré Cool page on DrummerWorld
he's been drumming since he was 3 yrs.old! (but he started professional at 12)
no offense but don't you think if someone was drumming for so long that they would be able to play more diffuclt things?
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