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Originally Posted by CountHavoc View Post
Mine was at the local youth centre with a total of 30 ppl,bad lighting,bad pyro's,(ping pong ball's do not make good smoke bomb's)& having to play our 30min set 3 times in 2 hours then jammin with the audience till they finally closed the door's.
Not the best show i played,but then it was one of my first in front of a crowd that didnt include family & friend's.LOL
Hah my first gig ever was in the local youthie as well. It was in front of a couple of kids in our year and a few local chavs (who are pretty benign where i live). Quite fun, we played some real easy songs like green day and foo fighters but it was real fun. It was actually the last gig i played too but hopefully i'll be able to do some stuff in my new band in 2009.
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