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Default Re: Show us your Premier kits!!

Originally Posted by dancincrow View Post
Thanks!!! The Artist Maple Series was probably one of the most under rated kits out there which is unfortunate. The guy I sold 1 of the UJ kits to, who lives in Canada, has done nothing but RAVE about how the Toms sound & how easy they are to tune.
It's really nice to see that there are still people out there who appreciate Premier despite the way they are (or should I say .... are not) running their business these days, especially when it comes to setting up a new U.S. Distributor ....... such a shame!!! There has been, & continues to be, much frustration here in the U.S. that they don't seem to care about the customers over here who remain loyal to them .... though how long will that last?
I'm wondering if Premeir is nearly out of business.

They had one little kit at NAMM, and nothing else. I barely even noticed they were there. Every time they come up with a good selling kit, they discontinue it and do a 180. Not a great way to run a company.

Here is an older picture of my Signia kit.
10, 12, 14 toms, 16 floor tom, two 18X22 bass drums.
I've since added an 8" tom and 18" floor tom, just because wanted to get them before they became really rare. I need to take a picture of the whole thing!
But truth is, I've almost always just used it as a 5pc on live gigs.

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