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Default Your first gig

I remember my first gig...

...Well, first major gig. We were playing at a metal fest, and we we're comming in with our gear and stuff. Us 5 were in the first car, and we looked out the window to see huge clouds of smoke emerging upward. It was the coolest thing ever. We got out of the car and looked around, garbage cans on fire, mosh pits, beer bottle everywhere, and cheap fireworks, almost a miniature Ozzfest. I remember before we went on stage after rehersal, we all circled up and were all like "We are doing this, no turning back now. We've practiced so hard for this day, so lets get out there and give them all we got, we have one chance, that chance is now, so lets do this!", quite a good pump-ep speach by our singer. That show went on to be a great success.
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