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Default Re: Phil "Philthy Animal" Taylor

Originally Posted by kwolf68 View Post
Negative: Ever see the video to "Ace of Spades"? He doesn't even come close to playing it right. There are all these drum rolls and he's just pounding away on the snare. It's possible the video maker just dubbed the song over top of Motorhead playing something else, but it's a painful video to watch the drummer (though Lemmy and Eddie look good), but I don't like watching Phil in that video...and yes Motorhead rules.
Seriously, it's just a video. That hardly has anything to do with his playing now, does it?

I like Phil's playing- it swings hard and was often filled with little weird unconventional things or 'techniques' that came from him being self taught. Plus, though his playing was declining in the 'Rock and Roll' period, he knew when to play a lot of notes (i.e. 'One to Sing the Blues') and hardly any (i.e. the flams in 'We Are The Road Crew'.)

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