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First off, I agree wholeheartedly with the consensus here that Danny Carey really has it all: groove, feel, chops, power, independence, etc, and clearly deserves his success. However I must disagree with the trend in analysis of 10000 Days. I listen to this album more than any of their others, and Tool is by far my favorite band. At first, I was honestly NOT impressed at all with this album, but like any creative and challenging work, YOU have to put work into it as well to reap the hidden rewards. I had to listen to some of the songs a ridiculous amount of times to really get the feeling they were trying to convey - and that is what tool is all about. If you are just looking for a metal song, of course it will be boring, or weird, because they don't play metal music! Their art exists in a liminal zone independent of superficial genre classification because it is not just about the sound, but the feel generated by their emotional states and a scientific understanding of cymatic metaphysics, manifest acoustically as music.

I totally understand the sentiment though about not liking some tool material, even as a huge fan. I'm still not too keen on a lot of Undertow, although I am finally breaking into it to some extent, but a lot of it just still doesn't do it for me. However I credit that to a lack of effort on my part to really deeply get into the music, not any fault of the band. That is something peculiar about Tool, that a lot of their music is a hard nut to crack, but if you can do it, and change your mind into a receiver for what's really going on in their music, especially the drums, it's amazing.
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