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Originally Posted by LinearDrummer View Post
Hey Frank
Your CMD book is like an encyclopedia of drumming....probably would take all 9 of my lives to get thru it:)

When I watch the DVD that accompanies it, you demonstrate alot of the different rhythms/styles in the book at crazy tempos with precision like its a walk in the park....

Just wondering how did you develop such versatility and what drummers/styles did you grow up listening and practicing to?
Thanks LinearDrummer!
I listened to rock and jazz in equal amounts. It may seem unusual but the connection for me was the drumming.
I had a live Coltrane album that featured Roy Haynes that I loved and listened to quite a bit. Miles Smiles with Tony Williams was another. The drums are in the right channel on that recording. I would pan it to one side to here the drums more clearly.

I also listened to Led Zeppelin, Sly Stone, Yes, King Crimson, Hendrix, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Weather Report, Return to Forever... what they all had in common besides great music was great drummers.

I was lucky to get an early start playing and had a lot of support from my parents. I practiced all the time and played gigs from 12 on.
Thanks for your kind feedback on the Complete Modern Drumset. There is an update in the works that should be out in 2010.

All the best