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I am sure you will do fine with it Abe. The question was rhetorical to some extent because that is what Tony would ask. You could come up with some skeletal conception of the groove; but that is not what he is doing. He is continually manipulating the groove and thus the time and feel. I think that is just such a great idea and for Tony this is drumming. Beats are Timekeeping, keeping time. But drumming is rhythms and in Sister Cheryl you can hear how he totally waeves and shapes the time. This is what the article was about, and I just wanted to share that because people ask the question "why is jazz so special?" Stan was saying, "these artist relating to the greater musical world around them and the tradition, of jazz and of jazz drumming." Here is an example of an artist doing just that; and we have only touched the surface of this piece I am sure.
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