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Originally Posted by Deltadrummer View Post
they're in the video. :)

The basic idea is a samba, with a jazz feel and a rock back beat. It is interesting to know that he just didn't pull the groove out of left field. It has it's roots a a varity of styles. This, after all was Tony's legacy. And even if he didn't invent fusion, he sure was better at it than most anyone else. :)
Nope. The main snares land on 2+4 in the feel with last 1/16th of beats 1+3 with the left hand setting them up as I notated. Know this one very well from heart.

Combining elements of regular and double time ideas in one feel makes it all "Tony".

P.S I watched the clip carefully Ken and yes he's gently ghosting more SD beats in this particular clip combined with the accented SD beats where I indicated so you are correct in this case :}


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