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Originally Posted by Steamer View Post
I can play it and I also have it written out Abe. It's a mix of a double time feel on the ride being a combined1/8th note on 1 and the + and ah each beat on the ride played even per beat {think up tempo swing ride pattern} with the high hat on the + of each beat with back and forth patterns between the open snare {snares off} and the bass drum. Last 1/16th note of beat 1 followed by beat 2, last 1/16th note of beat 3 followed by beat 4 for the snare pattern. 1 and the + of 2, 3 and the + of 4 on the bass drum.

Put it all together and you have something Tony himself came up with it as far as I can can tell that's a cool quasi latin/swing hybrid feel thing.
Thanks Stan, I got the ride, snare and the hat on the 'and'. The bass drum work is whats different & interesting.. I think he's moving the accents around in the tune. Yes?
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