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Originally Posted by anth_ony View Post
Well, I haven't been too up to date with bass rigs, but my current bassist just bought one of the new GK Fusion 550s and it's friggen amazing. It's a tube/solid state hybrid, so the sound is unbelievable. And the EQ knobs are motorized, so you can set up two separate presets if you wanted. It's a bit expensive, about $1200, but it's well worth it if you're willing to empty them pockets.

Bass amps are different from guitar amps in that just because it's solid state does not at all make for a bad sound. In fact the split between high end solid state and hybrid amps is about 50/50 because they both have characteristics that are desirable. So don't be put off just because it doesn't have any tubes in it.

Depending on the loudness of your band, then an 8x10 might be in order. However you might also want to think about a 6x10. I think the ampeg ones are 4 ohm and given how notoriously heavy ampeg cabs are it's definetly something to consider. This is the same case with SWR so really you should only buy them if you feel up to carrying them to all your gigs.

If you want an amp that is more portable then think about neodymium cabs. GK and warwick have neodymium speaker cabinet ranges and there are companies like MarkBass who specialise in lightweight neo cabs and heads. But they are also more expensive. Think of it in these terms: the markbass is about 250 more expensive then the ampeg 6x10 but it also 18kg lighter. So whether that weight difference is worth the extra cost is up to you really.
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