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Originally Posted by Garvin View Post

Another guy I've been listening to is Punjabi MC. Cool stuff, but I suspect he might be a little controversial among this contemporary genre since it seems he is like a Puff-Daddy type who samples things rather than puts together his own band... But still badass party music nonetheless.
They are all doing the sampling bit. Bhangra is really is going the way R&B went, morphing into modern day Hip Hop. All those James Brown exclamations came handy years later, didn't they ; )...

All the popular stuff is very 'produced' and pop. Then there's the stuff outside of that..but its all coming from folk music.Bhangra is technically a harvest dance where everyone is so relieved that its a heck of a party and the dancing is wild. The Dhol, with some other percussive instruments is the Boom-Box of this party : )
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