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Originally Posted by Garvin View Post
Aydee, are familiar with Bhangara music on Dhol or dholaki, and such. I've become a lot more interested in the dhol as opposed to tabla simply because of its power and ability to fit into contemporary music a little easier (volume wise as well) What do you think about Bhangra? It doesn't seem quite as surgically precise as tabla, but then again, I might be missing something.
Garvin, you're bang on. Bhangra is India's R&B/Hip hop.

Bhangra has folk & dance roots whereas as tabla, as a primary accompanying instrument is historically more classical in the Indian sense, but more like jazz in construct ( as in head, improvisation, head )

The Dhol, packs tremendous power & groove and some of the dhol ensembles, when they play together can very easily make you think you are in Rio, with the samba Bands playing in the disance.

Check out the Dhol Foundation for modern contemporary music applications of the Dhol. Their main guy ( Johnny Kalsi.. is hell of a player too.

For far too long to the casual observer, Indian music has meant the Classical traditions of Ravi Shankar, Zakir Hussian etc..

But the street & mass music of India is Bhangra oriented with instruments like the dhol, dholak, Kanjeera, Pakhawaj, Mridangam and other assorted perc type stuff.

The guys who can really play this stuff can groove anybody's butt off this planet.


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