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Default Re: Istanbul Agop Picture-Fest

Originally Posted by Steamer View Post
You have the 14" Mels right Kona? Those will sound sweet too. Haven't tried that combo but a buddy bought a Sizzle bell that kills.

Hey wait to see what new goodies Heartbeat has coming in after NAMM for your next visit Kona :}
Yes - I have the 14" Mels and I do like them.
I think a 10" Sizzle Bell with a 10" splash (bottom) would be interesting.

My Alchemy Bell gave the hat a "deadly" high pitched ring (with fast choking) that was a very nice effect on some up-tempo latin/jazz rhythms. Just playing around with it is a lot of fun.........Can't have too many cymbals around. I just love these Istanbul cymbals. Actually, I haven't heard too many cymbals over the years that I really didn't like - except maybe the "metal-cut-outs" I had with my first kit in 1965. But - they're probably "collectible" now as I'm sure those old Japanese drums from back then are too.
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