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Originally Posted by Bosphorus View Post
drummers like elvin and tony paved the way for drummers today so that they will have a stage to play on....
sadly the amount of people keeping the torch alive are decreasing, there just isnt as much of a demand for jazz like there was in those days.
i mightnt be able to coment on this as i dont know what the current jazz music is like reall, apart from hearing the odd bits, i listen to the old jazz songs.......but since i havnt heard many new ones it seems as though jazz is becoming less popular because of the lack of new inovative jazz could very well prove me wrong on this though....

newer jazz will get more listeners....not many people that arnt familiar with jazz will go digging it up
It's a underground music now let's face it in the world of Britney, Paris and the one minute hamburger:} No instant gratification here....

The people striving to keep it alive are still making ways to take the music in further directions but still keep it real and interesting without compromise whether the vast population is aware or knows about it or not and the jazz performers are still packing concert venues when they tour for the listeners who want to hear the music. Check out what Dave Holland is doing with the music at present as one of many examples. Things are still moving along with a sense of vitality and innovation without compromise

It will be a tough go for jazz and jazz players always has been in many ways but the people who love the music and are commited to it each in their own small way will keep it going by hook or by crook regardless.

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