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Originally Posted by Steamer View Post
But the legacy of what they left still carries on today for those holding the burning jazz torch alive and well with their own personal slant on it such as Brian, Cindy, Eric, Kenny etc..

There are still people putting out the full on real {uncompromised} jazz deal based on what Tony, Elvin, Philly, Art etc.. left us in drumming and the music.
drummers like elvin and tony paved the way for drummers today so that they will have a stage to play on....
sadly the amount of people keeping the torch alive are decreasing, there just isnt as much of a demand for jazz like there was in those days.
i mightnt be able to coment on this as i dont know what the current jazz music is like reall, apart from hearing the odd bits, i listen to the old jazz songs.......but since i havnt heard many new ones it seems as though jazz is becoming less popular because of the lack of new inovative jazz could very well prove me wrong on this though....

newer jazz will get more listeners....not many people that arnt familiar with jazz will go digging it up
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