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Default Re: Istanbul Agop Picture-Fest

Originally Posted by KONA View Post
Sorry - I misinterpreted..........I thought the photo (4 cymbals) were two different sets of hats (one set of two at 740g and another set of hats at 770g). Ya - I know the one set is different top and bottom - of course. Mine are different weights too. My mistake........not paying attention.

Have you ever tried a 10" bell (Alchemy for instance) top hat and a 10" splash on the bottom? It makes for a really interesting sounding mini hat combination.

I want to go over to Heartbeat one of these days and try some.
You have the 14" Mels right Kona? Those will sound sweet too. Haven't tried that combo but a buddy bought a Sizzle bell that kills.

Hey wait to see what new goodies Heartbeat has coming in after NAMM for your next visit Kona :}

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