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Default Re: Drummer's kryptonite?

Originally Posted by Tryitagain View Post
This brings up a point I've thought about a few times... why are drummers the only ones that have to practice with a metronome??? I had a guitarist tell me once that my quartz metronome was wrong after he kept pulling ahead of the beat...

Kryptonite? How about rehearsals that turn into drama-soaked therapy sesions?

Dude, excellent point, the other night at band practice my lead guitarist was speeding up through a bridge in our song, a part where i only play a cymbal swell roll. He came out of it way too fast and then threw the whole song off when we all jumped back in. My bassist/ lead vocalist turned around and looked right at me and said we were playing too fast and i was like "dude! i wasn't even playing in that part! Don't fricken accuse ME of being off time in a part where I wasn't even playing!" I take it very personally when a dispute over timing is aimed at me.
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