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Default Re: Drummer's kryptonite?

Originally Posted by diosdude View Post
Sour notes suck from singers, guitarists and bassists but you can still be superman through all of that, right? That being said, my lead guitarist's lack of timing is my kryptonite. Nothing will kill my groove and collapse my pocket faster than him when he veers off tempo (9 times out of ten he's flying off too fast). All of a sudden, he'll be like a half bar ahead of the band and it becomes a task to try to bring everyone back into sync. I can handle off notes, no sweat but an off-time guitar lick jacknifes the groove.

On a side note, Superman Returns was a box office disaster, mainly because he turned into super-pansy-man and for God sake we're sick of seeing Lex Luther bust out the kryptonite every stinkin' movie, new villain please.
This brings up a point I've thought about a few times... why are drummers the only ones that have to practice with a metronome??? I had a guitarist tell me once that my quartz metronome was wrong after he kept pulling ahead of the beat...

Kryptonite? How about rehearsals that turn into drama-soaked therapy sesions?
"A Noble Spirit Embiggens the Smallest Man"
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