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jay norem
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That's amazing, Stan, because I was exactly the same age when I started. Yep, the guys who had been around the block were the best teachers a cocky youngster could have had. Real world stuff, and every night I got to try out something new.
How do the young guys do it now? When I was a kid there were nightclubs everywhere. You played six nights a week, four sets a night. Talk about an education, man.
But we're going to have to accept that jazz will be taken however it's taken by the young guys who choose to play it. There aren't any more nightclubs, no more late-night jam sessions, all that's gone. In fact it sounds almost corny talking about it.
All I have is my own little piece of turf, and that's mine. The young guys, they're going to have to get their own, and you can be sure that they aren't going to do it the way we did.
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