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Originally Posted by jay norem View Post
Yes, certainly that's one way to go about it, but it just can't be the only way. When I started out I didn't know shit. I owned maybe three jazz records. But I knew what I wanted to do and I threw myself into the fray, into the clubs, and it was there that I got my education. There are still huge gaps in my knowledge of the whole fabric of jazz, but what little I know about it is what I do, see, that's my little stain on the fabric.
I have no idea how Chick Webb played the drums, nor do I think it's important. I do not have a firm foundation or root in jazz knowledge. I do what I do and that's all, that's it. I don't know if my playing has any depth. I really don't think about. I do okay, I guess. But if I was ever going to be a great jazz drummer, I would be one by now, and I'm not. I'm just okay, some seem to think I'm quite good, but really, I'm just okay, which is cool with me!
I started out Jay at 18 playing jazz with older jazz players who gave my my jazz education on the bandstand in local clubs in my old home town. It wasn't always pretty at times but I desired to take my shots live on the spot on stage in front of people, lick my wounds and learn from them because I heard something I liked within the music they played that I wanted to learn and play and make sound "real" for me like my jazz mentors around me were doing at the time.

This is where the older jazz players show their worth {past and present} with their aquired experience/wisdom and depth of playing on the subject regardless of where the next generation wants to take it from there. Same applies today except the jam session scene mixing jazz veterans and up and coming young players is most part is gone from the jazz scene. Different jazz world today indeed....

Hey if you have a concept and stick with it great Jay. Everytime I travel every town has some very talented complete unknowns who do it because they simply love it regardless of what is envisioned "big" success.


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