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Originally Posted by jay norem View Post
The jazz road is an impossible road these days. How many jazz players are even making a living playing the music? I myself have succumbed to the bitterness that a lot of jazz musicians seem to share these days, but enough of that, I say.
Yes, I love the music, but I can't implant that love into anyone else. People have to find their own ways into this music. Giving them history lessons isn't going to help at all.
I want young people to take up this music so they can maybe teach me something. You and I, we're the old generation, let's face it.

Don't quite agree Jay. I'm still up on what's happening today since I hang and play with some of the youngbloods on the scene but still believe in setting a firm foundation or root in jazz knowledge for having any success later on or having "depth" to ones playing regardless of concept. Not bitter at all still love playing very much and always learning especially regarding the input I see coming from young shakers coming up within the music on the scene.

The future we spring from the past and we'll all be blessed by the result but you have to build the house on a good solid foundation to start with.

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