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The jazz road is an impossible road these days. How many jazz players are even making a living playing the music? I myself have succumbed to the bitterness that a lot of jazz musicians seem to share these days, but enough of that, I say.
Yes, I love the music, but I can't implant that love into anyone else. People have to find their own ways into this music. Giving them history lessons isn't going to help at all.
I want young people to take up this music so they can maybe teach me something. You and I, we're the old generation, let's face it. I don't want to be a historian, I just want to play something genuine, and to do that I don't need to know the history of the hi-hat or who the first person was to keep time on the ride cymbal. I need some honest energy. More playing and less thinking about it all.
Nobody will ever like something that carries arbitrary qualifying conditions with it. You don't really have to do or be anything to be a jazz musician, all you have to do is make the music your own, and we both know that there are a lot of ways to do that, and this is what needs to be encouraged for this music to keep going.
Peace to you, my jazz drumming brother.

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