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I never said once I was the one authority on the subject only someone who likes to see jazz related info properly presented with some truth related to the people who love and honor those who came before and what they offered to the music and the core of what is jazz music. What I am is a hardcore jazz player without any sense of compromise over more years than I can remember at this point who has kept the music alive and honest in his own small way because that's my life's blood. My goal is to keep the music real and true and get people interested in really liking jazz not just saying I sort of like and play jazz with a "thin" understanding of it's make up. Once you truly really like it and dig deep into it then and only then does it become true and the fruits of your labour feel real just like playing any other music you care to play.

Tony kept it very real to the end so did many others before him and after him regarding the knowns and the unknowns.who simply love playing the music without compromise.
Oh, give it a rest, Stan. Just play, and be a friend to the youngsters who are trying. Jazz isn't so harsh.
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