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Originally Posted by Steamer View Post
Sorry again not true. Elvin and Buddy both played HARD on wide open tuned drums. When I saw Buddy live several times his sound filled the entire room acoustically all the way to the back when he really dug in. Sure Tony played hard but he was not the first. Ever heard of Art Blakey in regards to pre-Tony jazz heavy hitters on wide open tuned drums?

Elvin in particular really played with a very high degree of physical intent at times during his years with Coltrane and the many years to follow. Do your homework on the subject if you don't believe me:
i respect that.....he is right....if you ever listen to a lot of buddy's playing with big bands..
the band are blazing out the music and buddy manages to be heard clearly.....buddy played especially loud

and he encorporated a lot of roll sort of strokes which made it louder again!

does anyone know any sites that i could get my hands on transcripts from music that tony palyed??
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