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Yea his show has just come to AUS and from wat i can see of him, he doesnt seem to have much talent. Of course hes a good drummer but he doesnt seem very amazing/great/good. I find it funny when he tries to play in the drumline, we dont have anything like that in AUS but i hear that those things r pretty hard to play, and even when he was practising the drumline all night he still coundlt get it. And then finally on the show day he was still lokking at the other drummers! I hate it when people do that tho. Mainly its in dancing, theres always someone that has to look at everyone else, cause they dont know it, but then when they do know it off by heart like everyone else, therey still look. I like Tommy Lee, hes funny on his show but he doenst seem like a good drummer, but he seems like a good guy. U gotta admit hes got it with the ladies.
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