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Originally Posted by HurdyGurdyMan
I really don't think Tommy Lee has any great musical qualities, because he has admitted he can't read music, his solo work is horrible and doesn't sell, he's singing and playing guitar which he doesn't sounds to good at, and in my crazy opinion 80's metal is some of the worst music ever created. It seems these days he is just a has-been, because he does less drumming.And Motley Crue just seems like an oldies review, have you ever seen a picture of those guys?Man, they look 10 years older than they should.But thats just my opinion.

Someone's ability to read music does not AT ALL determine whether or not they are a good musician. Many good musicians can't read music. Tommy Lee has achieved a lot of sucess and done a lot (including Pam Anderson on tape), and though i don't listen to Motley Crue (or TL's music) I couldn't say he's a bad musician.

TL is a lot of things, but he is most certainly NOT a has-been. Look at Vanilla Ice....that's a has-been.
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