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Default Re: Show off your Peavey!

My first kit was a Peavey, it was a lil 5pc with a throne, cymbals, stands and the whole thing was 300 bucks. It sounded awful. I hated that thing right up until I got my pork pie snare and a set of steel mini-tymps (which meant I could just click pad the bass drums and use the tymps for ALL tom work)

I stopped hating it when I got my Tama rockstar, and now have finally put it to good use as an 8 track recorder stand. (using the pearl style tom mounts backwards so the real long end points horizontally giving the recorder a place to sit up against the wall)

I don't think I have ever hated anything as much as that kit, and that stupid hihat stand that lacked the strength to hold up the Z customs I put on it (sacked it for an iron cobra stand as soon as I got my first job)

If Peavey makes a quality kit, that's news to me. I hated that damn thing.

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