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Default Re: Mike Machine Here!!!

Originally Posted by Mike Machine View Post
Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy everyone!!! ya been mang?!

Thanks alot for the compliments... Im actually working on some NEW video footage now... I feel the videos on youtube are pretty CRAPPY imo... nothing in those felt "right" and theyre all "1 trick pony" vids... so expect some really versatile stuff coming soon!!!

Im glad to have your support tho guys... feel free to ask/say anything!!!


Not to sound like a douche or anything, because I def respect you and understand that you're a great(FAST) drummer, but i wasn't feelin much more than a couple of parts in your vids. Except for the namm footage, that was pretty epic.

But I just think that you're much better than that. Actually im pretty sure you are.

Even with saying that i do like how you use your strongest features(your feet) in those two videos.

excited for the stuff man.

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