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Originally Posted by Gretsch'em View Post
Hi Frank,

Just wanted to say I'm practicing The Cook Book. My Teacher has me play each page weekly, 8 ways. The 6th & 7th way is hard, but it's getting a little easier now with hard practice. :)
Gretsch dude..
That is great man. It is a good book.
Let me clarify a couple things. I had nothing to do with writing that book in spite of the way it is presented on Amazon and Mel Bay's web site.

The Cookbook is probably 30 years old. I actually never used it myself. My publisher asked me to record the CD due to the fact that John Pickering (the author) doesn't play drums anymore (he is a lawyer God Bless him). I agreed to deliver by a certain date.

Of course as luck would have it I was absolutely buried with work. I was writing and producing music for the launch of a sleeping pill .. I mean... anti-insomnia drug (Lunesta).

I had a multitude of deadlines going on at the same time. Being a man of my word I honored my commitment. I recorded those tracks in one shot having never ever been through the book.

My suggestion is...don't listen to the CD!:)

Thanks for writing
All the best

PS I did write and compile this one

Ask your teacher if he thinks you are ready for it...fb

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