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Originally Posted by Mr. Compactness View Post
Last night's episodes were great. I'm very glad to have it back. Thank god we have a DVR or I'd have to skip rehearsal tonight to watch the next two episodes.

The season looks promising, though I wish that: 1) Tony being a villian was kept a better secret and 2) I hope that Jeannine Garofolo doesn't last very long. I've just never liked her but so far the character she's playing is just like a really bad version of Chloe whens he first came on the show and it's annoying.

Tony being a villain was also ruined by him not crashing the planes. At that point it was obvious he was undercover.

It also makes the show a little embarrassing that they pulled the soap opera thing of "I thought you were dead!" "I was!"

And I couldn't agree more on Janeane Garofalo. It's funny how she just brushes aside the hypocrisy of being on this show and how it doesn't jibe with her constant and tiresome political ranting. But the insult to injury is how _bad_ she is in the role. I'm hoping she turns out to be a traitor, but right now all my suspicion is on the tough-gal-FBI-chick.
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