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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!

Hey Todd, thank you! I guess I was asking more about modern Sonor vs. modern Pearl.

You are one of the first to basically spell out what I tell all my drum buddies, (who won't listen to me). The thinner shells, mic'd, will have to be WAY more tamed by the sound guy or whoever, because it's gonna "distort" with ovetones much quicker and more frequently with an ANNOYING/UN-USEABLE low end. They always end up having to muffle the crap out of them, and modify the settings.

The other thing about the really thin shells, is that all that buttery super low end is usually positioned so low that once the bassist and any somewhat low end guitar come in to the mix, you floor toms and kick are more part of that, and as a result, more transparent as being "the drums".
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