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Default Re: Shannon Larkin

Shannon Larkin is an awesome drummer. Very talented, great chops and very entertaining to watch.

Originally Posted by Mr. Serpent View Post
Quick question, from what I can tell Shannon doesn't use a double pedal. Am I correct? If so I may have a stab at some Godsmack songs.

My bad, after watching a few more videos I see he does. I probably assumed he didn't since I don't recall any blast beats on Godsmack's songs.
Most rock drummers (hell, most drummers in general these days) have double pedals, even if they rarely use them. It's just nice to have the option available, and since they take up virtually no room, there's really no downside to having one.

There are plenty of exceptions, sure, but I bet you'll find double pedals installed on 70-80% of professional drummers' kits today
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