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Originally Posted by Aggressivec View Post
LOL try topping Lateralus! I bet they were under tremendous pressure. I think all the songs were boring, not well written, etc.
I don't think Tool feels pressure like other artists. I don't get the impression they make music for anyone but themselves. Wings For Marie/10,000 Days is an extremely personal song that took quite a lot of listening by me to actually enjoy it.

I disagree about the well-written analysis, but I dig you on the fact that I don't find myself being compelled to listen to the entire album (which is in contrast to all the others). There are 3, count 'em 3 songs that I want to hear over and again off 10k Days: Vicarious, Jambi, and Right In Two, the rest all sound like Caesaro Summability...;-)

By the way, Chuck Norris wears Danny Carey pajamas.


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