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Originally Posted by kristen View Post
Question... We were thinking Brooklyn, but would Queens be better? I plan on commuting into the city (hopefully). Lets just say I've never even heard my money make a peep...
Brooklyn's more expensive than Queens.

General rule of thumb.. the further away you are from Manhattan, the cheaper the rent. E.g Brooklyn Heights, or Astoria are just across

the East river and therefore almost as expensive as Manhattan

Good news- the longest possible commute ( subway/trains ) from most neighborhoods in both Brooklyn & Queens is about 40 minutes to mid-town Manhattan.

Dont rule out New Jersey ( Jersey City, Union City ) which are equally easy commutes. If you have dogs, these might be your best bet.

Lots of dogs in NYC but its a lot more work.

Everything you hear about NYC is true.. except the stuff about New Yorkers.

There's no place in the world like it. Its the greatest city in the world. Stop feeling blue. Make the move.

Good luck.

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