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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!


I'm glad seeing the Styx/CYO DVD gave you a little spark to get behind the kit. That's good news. That was a very hard, very challenging night for me trying to hold everything together--but a good memory that was captured on film. I'm happy that you got something out of it.

Don't be discouraged. Ever. You're here, reading and participating in the drum community. This isn't a contest and you are in a race with no one. Relax and remember to enjoy simply playing--and enjoy the process of improving. Have some structured/focused practice time. That's the best way to see results. Don't forget to be patient. If you have an agenda for your practice sessions it's hard to become stagnant which is something we all deal with. But having a goal, or goals, will help you get in the direction you want to go.

Not trying to drum up a sale here (or use bad puns) but I recommend my DVD "Methods and Mechanics." I worked very hard on what I had to say to do my best to inspire the viewer to get on the kit and get to work. It might help spark a new found enthusiasm in your playing way more than the Styx show.

You can check out some clips here at Drummerworld or here:

I wish you luck (and fun) with your playing!
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