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Originally Posted by theduke86
Haha, I think Gadd owns that video. I'm a big fan of all three drummers, but just as far as meaning every note you play and playing with complete flowing passion, Gadd wins. Everything he does is so convicted and awesome. With Weckl and even Vinnie a bit, I can't help but think they're playing patterns sometimes, although I love both. Gadd takes it to a new level.
Agreed, this is why they left Steve's solo for last, as to set the theme for all three to trade 4's around (part 2 of video). Starting his solo with his "crazy army" variation Steve sounds like a full drum corps. He always makes his marching snare beats sound like there is more then one guy playing. Then his bass drum kicks in and it sounds like he's dropping bombs, followed by the hi-hat splashes reminiscent of the cymbal players (brilliant) Next, Steve sets the "theme" in which all three will start to trade 4's around by playing his own adaptation of the Mozambique groove (pure genius)
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