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Originally Posted by That Guy View Post
Quote from the Urban Dictionary (


1. An expression of a lack of interest in another persons comment

2. Used to look down upon another

3. Fine, whatever, i dont care

4. An expression of dismissal of another's comment.

5. The sound of a silent and deadly rectal emission. <----- My favorite :-)

6. A noise you make when you are bored with something someone is saying

7. A forced exhalation of air which produces the noise pfft
done when you disagree with someone.

8. An expression of disgust, disdain or disapproval, usually uttered after someone has just told you something totally inane or uninteresting.
well i didnt really mean it in a put-off kind of fashion, it was more of an expression of satirical confusion about your being sad by having to go to NYC, if that makes any sense. Cause, like i said, NYC is AMAZING! i had this italian place right next to our "peregrine" (house) we called it, it was called salvatores. Incredible, easily the best italian food i've ever had, ever. but then it went outta business, a sad day that was indeed.

ah, the memories of me stuffing my face in some nice ziti pizza
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