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Default Re: New windows apparently.

Originally Posted by zambizzi View Post
I've been running Vista here at work for about a year now and it has grown on me. Of course, I'm running 8gb of ram and that's why it's more than suitable. I'm dual-booting at home on my Inspiron between Ubuntu and Vista. I keep Ubuntu on there because I'm a Java programmer (mostly) and it's just better suited for dev tools just don't run as fast on Vista or even XP.

Every generation of Windows gets a hefty new layer of cruft and thus gets more bloated and resource-hungry. To maintain backward compatibility at the level MS does - you pretty much have to. I like Vista better than XP now that they've ironed a few things out and I'm doing a lot of .NET coding again for the first time in 3 I gotta keep moving forward!

Seriously - Windows isn't "beyond repair" and all of that noise. I have to laugh when I hear people ranking on Microsoft, claiming that their demise is just around the corner. I've been hearing that for 10 yrs. and it just ain't gonna happen anytime soon.

A friend of mine is running the Win7 Beta and says he loves it. I personally wouldn't waste my time w/ a new version of Windows until the first SP gets released. If you're running this sucker now - you won't even recognize it when they finish it 8 yrs. from now :D
Don't get me wrong. Windows is great for web-browsing and running basic applications and I'm sure it will always be able to handle that small load of what most users do with it regardless of how bloated it gets.

If your into .NET you should know more than anyone that running anything beyond basic applications that use 100,000 K's is going to eventually lock it up. Many applications these days are using 200,000 K's and thats not even gaming. Thats basic Adobe and I.E. usage.

The average game made for Windows these days is running 400,000 to 500,000 K's and windows can't handle it. Even with a great processor and g-card w/ plenty of v-ram windows bogs down. Windows XP is only able to use 3 gigs of ram even though one might carry 4 to 6. I have heard people swear the Vista can use 16 gigs of ram. These people are literally insane. I would be happy if it acually utilizes the 8 you have in yours.

I'm sure the next version of Windows will be great for web-browsing in conjunction with IE 8 or 9 by the time it comes out and a place to store music & pics. Other than that. It will fail. But those that it will fail for are less than those it will work for. I'm speaking of geeks. :-)
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