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Default Re: Trying my hand at guitar

Originally Posted by Mediocrefunkybeat View Post
Handy skill being able to recognise pitches. If you can name pitches out of the air without a reference, then you have what is known as 'Perfect Pitch' which is both a blessing and a curse (my brother has it). Essentially, you can work out notes easily and listen for chords with greater accuracy - without having to use cheeky tricks like intervals to transcribe music. I do not have perfect pitch and sometimes I wish I had, and then I realise that most people with perfect pitch get highly irritated when a note is played slightly off the norm.

I couldn't deal with that. I listen to a lot of music that doesn't necessarily deal in straightforward tones...

As for guitar - go with it. I play all the time (I just put one of mine down actually) and there's nothing like a late night (in this case, early morning) noodle to see what you can get.
im not sure what he has is perfect pitch, so much as its really good relative pitch, which is what i have. perfect pitch is not something you learn either, its kinda either you have it or you don't. at least that's my interpretation
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