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Default Re: New windows apparently.

I've been running Vista here at work for about a year now and it has grown on me. Of course, I'm running 8gb of ram and that's why it's more than suitable. I'm dual-booting at home on my Inspiron between Ubuntu and Vista. I keep Ubuntu on there because I'm a Java programmer (mostly) and it's just better suited for dev tools just don't run as fast on Vista or even XP.

Every generation of Windows gets a hefty new layer of cruft and thus gets more bloated and resource-hungry. To maintain backward compatibility at the level MS does - you pretty much have to. I like Vista better than XP now that they've ironed a few things out and I'm doing a lot of .NET coding again for the first time in 3 I gotta keep moving forward!

Seriously - Windows isn't "beyond repair" and all of that noise. I have to laugh when I hear people ranking on Microsoft, claiming that their demise is just around the corner. I've been hearing that for 10 yrs. and it just ain't gonna happen anytime soon.

A friend of mine is running the Win7 Beta and says he loves it. I personally wouldn't waste my time w/ a new version of Windows until the first SP gets released. If you're running this sucker now - you won't even recognize it when they finish it 8 yrs. from now :D
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