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Default Re: New windows apparently.

Originally Posted by eddiehimself View Post
I know what you mean but if you think about it XP came out pretty swiftly after 2000 and it's proved to be a very good operating system. On the other hand, they had 7 years to develop vista after XP came out and there's not really much good to show for it if i'm honest.

PFS, yeah i'm using vista right now it's perfectly fine for the internet but it has huge problems with games (just look at the back of game boxes, the vista specs are higher it's that slow) and professional applications such as 3d modelling, movie/picture editing suites and recording software, it's just so slow and there are big compatibility issues.
Originally Posted by Drum-Head View Post
I'm also one who thinks that XP was a good, stable OS. Still using it on some of my computers and happy with it.
I definately agree that XP is a great OS, especially with Service Pack 3 that came out last year. I have yet to upgrade to Vista or even play around with it cuz I know it will make me sick really fast.

Concering gaming Eddie, Vista was the O.S. that was designed to introduce the groundbreaking DirectX 10 technology and that was truly an EPIC FAIL. All it did was crash systems and do about 5% of what it was promised. Even the extensive self shadowing effects that were promised looked horrid.

I feel sorry for people that bought Vista for gaming cuz as you said the spec's need to be higher than with XP. FSX was released for XP.. thank god... but Vista users are having serious issues even with the 2 patches released by Aces Studios.

I feel sorry for FSXI if its not a ground up rebuild. FSX was pounded and even Phil Taylor admits it. At least its decently stable on my system. Microsoft needs to make a good product, but I don't know how well they are going to do unless they do a ground-up build for an O.S.

Code can only handle so much infusion before it finally tries to process too much information and it just seizes up completely. Microsoft is headed down that dark road quickly with O.S's. They might get lucky and end up with a fairly stable system, but a crash is innevitable if it continues the way it's going.
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