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Default Re: Drummer's kryptonite?

Funny how a lot of posts are about blaming other musicians. Interesting.

I think when you stop listening or stop improving then you get weaker as a drummer.

For me though, the REAL drummer's kryptonite is a lack of confidence. Often it stems from not being prepared - both physically and mentally. I'm typically my own worst critic - which is helpful to a point - but then it becomes completely detrimental if you let it affect your self-confidence.

By far the worst for me was having my best friend and music-writing partner belittle the way I felt about my own drumming ability. He's an incredible musician on several instruments, and so I put a lot of faith in his criticisms. He praises my other playing and songwriting, but if I'm drums I get several looks from him - like he's saying "what the f*ck is wrong with you?". That used to really mess me up and I allowed that to completely ruin my pocket.

It's funny how that lack of confidence will get right into your limbs and all of sudden you've convinced yourself that you suck. At least that was it for me. I did learn to get passed this though, and being prepared went a long way in building my confidence back up.

On the other hand - you gotta stay humble too. A false sense of self-worth or being over-confident is even worse. I know so many drummer who THINK they are the cat's meow, but they really do suck. Funny how that works.
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