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Default Re: New windows apparently.

Originally Posted by Baddstuff View Post
it could be all the bitching and moaning about Vista that has MS working so quickly on 7.
I agree though, they need to slow down, clean up the code and put out a really solid OS that the public wants to embrace.

Windows is beyond repair. That is if they keep pounding the same code. All they can hope to do is sweep the problems under the rug with more code which creates more problems that the marketing teams will have to sell the public on. Thats Microsoft's stong point! They are geniuses at fooling and convincing the ignorant. Hell, thats what they get paid to do. :-)

I'm sure Microsoft will go belly-up before they focus on the resources in order to logistically stablize and create an O.S. that is new and appreciated by geeks abroad. Keep feeding the monkeys crap and they will eat it if its wrapped in pretty colors.
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