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Default Re: The Real Football Thread

Originally Posted by diosdude View Post
Well here's another end to the college season bcs controversy. The BCS asigned Utah the Crimson Tide hoping that 'Bama would straighten out the mess. Bama wins, no controversy. Problem was they lost and Utah's margin of victory was even higher than Florida's over the Tide. Playoffs anyone? how many times do we have to say it?? I have it figured out now: a 4 team playoff system, teams 1-4 seeded by the BCS after the bowl games. Get all the bowls done by christmas, instead of that 3 week break in December. Seed 1-4, first round at or around New Years, Championship game first weekend of January. Problem solved. Division 2 and 3 have playoffs so...
A college "Superbowl" would bring even more excitment to college football.
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