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Default Re: Drummer's kryptonite?

Originally Posted by Pass.of.E.r.a. View Post
percussionists who play too much, and dont know how to count..... dont get me wrong, i mean i love playing with percussionists, it just when they dont know there place in a song......actually that it could be any instrument for that matter *shutters*
my bass player doesnt know that his instrument isnt a guitar.
he is constantly leaving me out to dry playing too high, not hitting the root on the end of the measure...
frustrating. i just want rhythmic support. too much to ask?

i played with a drummer friend of mine a while back and he never stopped doing fills.
when he did stop id let the groove breathe for a bit. when id be about to start messing around, hed start back up.
if you play with another drummer, remember groove rhythm and time first. fills and showing off second. imo.
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