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Originally Posted by Ekim View Post
I wouldn't have thought you were mainly a jazz guy simply because your feel is more jazzy and light than most rockers. (That's not a criticism by any means!)

Thanks for the answers.
I get it..thank you and thanks for the review on Amazon. I am not into labels. They are ok for giving you a ballpark idea of what an artist does or the music they play but, ultimately labels are confining and limiting. I do what I do. I am still not exactly sure what to call it.. it leans to rock I think.

Regarding my writing process:
I do understand basic theory but rarely use it when I am composing a piece of music. There is a quote from Joni Mitchell where she says " You pull the chords from your being". I like that. It validates my approach and process.

I start with chord progressions rather than melody. Some of my progressions are not exactly standard. In some cases they can be difficult to solo over, which was one of the reasons China Ranch has so many amazing players on it. ..I needed them..
For me the melody is in the progression, sometimes it requires some searching, other times it can be in the top note of the chords. I hear harmony first, then the groove.

I usually have a vibe in my head but not always.
On Riverwalk for instance, I had the form and the melody but experimented with different grooves. It turns out that song wanted to be a bossa of sorts. That isn't a style that is totally comfortable for me and I had reservations about the direction. I let the tunes that I composed dictate where they wanted to go, and allowed that to be.

I am happy with the end result. The reviews have been better than I could have hoped for. There are a few spots that bug me but, considering it was my first time wearing "all" the hats it is acceptable to me.

Thanks EKIM

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